Why Must You Opt for Hotel Chatbot in 2023?

chatbot hotel

Many of the duties that your customer service professionals presently perform, such as responding to inquiries about hotel policies, giving directions, and even taking reservations, can be handled by chatbots. Without incurring major development expenditures, the bot may be readily set and upgraded as required. Additionally, the chatbot can be utilized to automate hotel processes like reservations and customer service that would normally require human involvement. In order to lower personnel costs related to these duties, hotels can deploy chatbots.

chatbot hotel

While many companies in the travel industry have acknowledged the impact of Generative AI on their business, only a few have taken the leap to implement this cutting-edge technology. Nevertheless, the ones that have adopted Generative AI-powered chatbots are reaping the benefits of enhanced customer experiences, streamlined operations, and a new era of convenience and efficiency. For guests this is a convenient, fast and easy assistance, for the hotel – more up-to-date zero-party data. If you’re familiar with instant messaging platforms (like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber etc) you’ll understand the basics behind a chatbot. A chatbot is essentially the next generation of this instant messaging technology that we use every day. Run using artificial intelligence, a chatbot is basically a computer answering your guests, instead of a person.

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Bob works with Facebook Messenger, and so far he has learned to answer more than 20,000 questions. Asksuite is the world’s top company for hotels and resorts to communicate through all channels. It helps you improve your hotel’s operations, find upsell opportunities, and make more money per guest.

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This interaction paves the way for instant communication, prompting potential customers to send a simple “hello” or any predefined keyword to learn more about the hotel or directly book a room. Bob is a chatbot with artificial intelligence that lives on the website of your hotel. Bob’s main job is to automatically answer your customers’ questions 24 hours a day, saving you time and money. A chatbot frees up staff from the often time-consuming task of responding to hundreds of guest requests. And as mentioned above, hotel staff might not be able to give guests the instant satisfaction that only a ChatBot can.

What can you do with AI powered conversational hotel bot platform?

This opens access to otherwise unavailable or difficult-to-gain information — for example, the casual request of guest feedback, or access to guest information (e.g., what they do outside the hotel). With such a communications route, hotels can increase efficiency, save on personnel, and focus on enhancing guest experiences. The more guests use Bebot, the better it becomes at adapting to the guests’ needs. However, whenever Bebot cannot answer, AI changes to human support for a seamless conversation experience.

DO’s and DON’Ts Of Hotel Chatbots By Terence Ronson – Hospitality Net

DO’s and DON’Ts Of Hotel Chatbots By Terence Ronson.

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This means they can better understand and respond to complex queries, engage in more human-like conversations, and continuously learn from interactions to provide even more tailored recommendations. Grandeur Hotel is an upscale global hotel chain known for its excellent hospitality services. Their customer service representatives are inundated with requests, bookings, and inquiries around the clock. The hotel understands that swift and accurate responses to these customer queries could significantly enhance their satisfaction levels and improve operational efficiency. In addition to their role in guest interactions, chatbots also provide hotels with valuable insights and data. By analyzing the conversations and interactions with guests, hotels can gain valuable insights into guest preferences, pain points, and areas for improvement.

Checking visa eligibility

This data can be used to refine marketing strategies, optimize service offerings, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The emergence of chatbots in the hospitality industry has heralded a new era of guest interactions. Initially, simple chatbots were employed to answer frequently asked questions, provide basic information about the hotel, or assist with room bookings. However, with technological advancements, chatbots have become more sophisticated and capable of handling complex tasks. The first step in exploring the benefits of hotel chatbots is to understand what exactly they are. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates a conversation with human users, typically through text-based interactions.


This allows you to offer real-time bookings to your customers, which will increase bookings and reduce commissions that you would otherwise have to pay online travel agencies. In addition, Chatbots communicate with customers and can offer relevant and timely special deals to seal the deal. The bot will recognize the trigger words and use them to search the results. Customers can complete a short survey with limited reply options because a bot will help them find the perfect hotel and flight deals. It will also locate a rental car company and provide local weather forecasts.

Chatbots can be used by hospitality businesses to check their clients’ eligibility for visas (see Figure 5). Additionally, chatbots provide details about the paperwork consulates require, upcoming visa appointments, and may typically assist consumers through this challenging and perplexing process. Additionally, you will learn about the most crucial features to look out for when selecting a bot, including personalization options and machine learning capabilities. A hotel chatbot can help improve this situation by offering greater personalization. Some of the most advanced AI bots take this a step further, using machine learning to pick up information as they go and adapt their communication accordingly. This can allow a hotel chatbot to find out a series of preferences from a user, piece the information together, and make a smart recommendation.

If they refer a friend who ends up booking a stay, both the referrer and the referred friend receive a discount on their next booking. The chatbot sends a unique referral code to the guest to share with their friends. Its goal is to make Reservation, Marketing, and Sales teams unstoppable by turning service requests into direct bookings. A platform for text messaging called Akia was created to help hotels increase their reputation, enhance visitor experiences, and increase income. A chatbot can help a hotel get more direct bookings, and it can also give the hotel more chances to up-sell and cross-sell.

Top 10 Things You Must Have in Your Hotel Chatbot

Automated marketing allows you to schedule promotions along with replacing human intervention rather than having it done manually. Get the word out about your hotel and update campaigns real quick and easy as events come up or rooms become available. Instead of calling the front desk and other related departments of the hotel, bot can resolve enquiries without any human intervention. Of course, the bot notifies the hotel staff if an issue needs to be attended to personally.

  • They can engage with the chatbot to get immediate answers to common questions without needing to wait for staff availability.
  • HiJiffy’s chatbot communicates in more than 100 languages, ensuring efficient communication with guests from all over the world.
  • They also have a history of their interactions so they don’t need to explain the issue to others.
  • Their most recent ad, for example, criticizes the risks of vacation rental and short-term rental rivals, where guests arrive at a house that looks like a house in a scary Hitchcock film.
  • Additionally, chatbots provide details about the paperwork consulates require, upcoming visa appointments, and may typically assist consumers through this challenging and perplexing process.

Implementing a chatbot to help with this is a lot easier than you may think. Both tools will help improve guest experience, but a chatbot is ultimately more efficient for hotels who are still battling staffing issues within the industry. An increasing number of travelers are using technology that simplifies the booking process. While some rule-based chatbots are built for more straightforward tasks, AI-powered chatbots are designed for intelligent and complex tasks.

Discover how +1,600 hotels are using HiJiffy’s guest communication hub to boost revenue

Between 30% and 50% of enquiries received via their chatbot are somehow related to a booking, a high percentage which we must understand with caution. There are endless questions related to a booking such as how to check prices, what are the cancellation policies or knowing what a rate includes. The action of completing the booking on the chatbot should not be an objective in itself. The most important objective is to clarify all questions which may come up and thus give the client that final push to book. In today’s digitally-driven world, there’s an increasing need for events and exhibition organizers to leverage technology for enhanced attendee engagement. Yes, the WhatsApp Chatbot can recommend additional services like spa appointments, dining reservations, or sightseeing packages to customers via their WhatsApp.

chatbot hotel

This is done without taking into consideration your budget and dietary preferences. Artificial intelligence powers them to understand written communication, interpret it, and respond accordingly. This results in highly realistic chat interactions similar to those with customer service representatives. Trip.com has recently introduced TripGen, an AI-powered chatbot that provides live assistance to travelers.

chatbot hotel

It increases customer loyalty and

retention by giving them the option of making a reservation easily online or via text message

or calls through the bot. They feel special receiving this kind of service, and they will

come back again and again because of it. When you use bots to talk to your customers and provide them with solutions, it shows that

you are interested in their journey. If a customer chats with you through the bot, you can

provide them with all the information they need about your hotel and answer all of their

questions. And this is what people want from brands, especially if they are planning their

vacations. The WhatsApp Chatbot automates many routine tasks such as handling inquiries, managing reservations, and taking room service orders.

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These AI chatbot systems can understand natural language, interpret user queries, and provide relevant responses. To improve the guest experience and offer individualized recommendations, generative AI chatbots have been used in the travel and hospitality sectors. These chatbots can help with translation, itinerary creation, and information delivery so that customers can make well-informed booking decisions. One of Little Hotelier’s included features is a hotel booking engine, which you can also use to easily increase direct bookings on your website. Additionally, you can further optimise performance by choosing to connect your booking engine with two of the industry’s leading hotel chatbots – HiJiffy or Book Me Bob.

  • AI for managing account information, service requests, and amenity bookings within Multifamily Units.
  • Planning and arranging a trip can be overwhelming, especially for non-experts.
  • These chatbots assist hotels in streamlining their operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately fostering company expansion.
  • With the support of machine learning technology, the chatbot would also be updated continuously with new questions and new answers.

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